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Tank Water Heaters

Tank Water Heaters in Kansas City

When you think of water heaters, you probably think of a large cylindrical tank filled with gallons and gallons of hot water. This is called the tank water heater, and it remains the go-to hot water heater throughout the USA, including Kansas City. It is powerful, it provides plenty of hot water for even the largest homes, and today’s models offer incredible energy efficiency. Consider our team for all of your tank water heater needs.

Whether you’re in the market for a new tank water heater or your existing water heater no longer functions as well as it should, we can take care of the job. Flowing Along Since 1920, we have made our mark on the industry by providing the best possible customer service and technical expertise. We employ Master Plumbers, and we are available on Saturdays. Call us to ensure a job well done.

Why Should You Install a Tank Water Heater?

The tank water heater is sturdy, comes in a variety of sizes (typically anywhere between 35 and 80 gallons), and it can run on either natural gas, propane, or electricity. They operate by keeping a large amount of hot water at constant temperature, either by means of a heat exchanger or an electric heating element.

Electric tank water heater.
For those without natural gas in the home, an electric tank water heater is a great choice, although probably not as cost–effective as a gas or propane–powered model.
Gas tank water heater.
This is a standard in many homes that already have natural gas present for heating. We can make sure yours is installed properly.
Propane tank water heater.
Want the efficiency of gas but don’t have a natural gas line? We also install propane tank water heaters throughout the Kansas City area.

The success of your new water heater depends as much on the quality of its manufacturing as on the quality of the installation it receives. Don’t waste time with amateur service. Trust our Master Plumbers to do the job right the first time.

We Are Your Tank Water Heater Repair and Maintenance Experts

Once installed, the tank water heater is good to go, for the time being. Over time, however, your tank water heater will suffer from wear and tear just like any other part of your household. If you want to make sure that it’s there for you before you jump in the shower, then you’ll need to have it taken care of by a professional plumber. We offer comprehensive water heater maintenance that will keep your system free of excessive sediment to improve performance and efficiency.

We also offer tank water heater repair services throughout the greater Kansas City area. Whether your system is making a terrible noise, it fails to provide you with ample hot water throughout the day, or the cost of operation has just skyrocketed for no apparent reason, you can count on our plumbers to fix it. In some cases, it may be time for tank water heater replacement. Contact the plumbers at Lutz Plumbing, Inc. today.

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