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Garbage Disposal Units

Garbage Disposal Services in Kansas City

Modern plumbing systems have evolved over the years in order to meet the growing needs of homeowners. One of the simplest ways in which you may choose to upgrade your kitchen plumbing system in order to better take advantage of its conveniences also happens to be one of the most beneficial. Consider the use of a garbage disposal in Kansas City.

While having a garbage disposal installed in your home is obviously a fairly minor upgrade, as opposed to repiping your home, for instance, it is still one that must be completed by a skilled, trained professional if you hope to enjoy the full benefits of the device put in place. Contact a member of the Lutz Plumbing, Inc. team today if you need a new garbage disposal installed in your home, or if you need your existing system serviced. Give us a call to schedule garbage disposal services in Kansas City and the surrounding area.

Why Invest in a Garbage Disposal?

There are a few ways in which the use of a garbage disposal in your home can benefit your. First and foremost, of course, is the convenience factor. When you are cleaning up after a big meal, you don’t want to be hunched over the trash barrel as you attempt to keep every bit of food scrap left on the plates from entering the plumbing system. With a garbage disposal services in Kansas City, you only need to flip a switch and grind that waste up—though, as we’ll discuss below, you cannot put anything and everything down the drain.

Avoid Issues With Your Garbage Disposal with Maintenance

One important thing to remember about your garbage disposal is that it is a FOG–free zone. "FOG" is a common acronym standing for "fats, oils, and grease." While fats and grease may be liquids when hot, they will congeal within your pipes if you pour them down a drain.

Just because you have a garbage disposal installed doesn’t mean that your residential plumbing system is any better equipped to accommodate FOG. You should also avoid putting very hard materials, such as animal bones, down into your garbage disposal, as they can damage the grinding mechanism. Also keep in mind that very fibrous materials, such as corn husks and celery stalks, can get wrapped around the moving components of the disposal, putting a lot of strain on the motor and potentially damaging the entire system.

Garbage Disposal Installation Services

If you do decide to invest in a kitchen garbage disposal, or if your old system is simply ready to be replaced, make sure that Lutz Plumbing, Inc. is the plumbing contractor you call. We can also care for your garbage disposal by providing you with routine maintenance services, as well as by expertly completing any garbage disposal repairs that you may need. Cut down on the amount of food going into your waste bin, as well as your trips to the curb with garbage bags. Call our number and have your garbage disposal in Kansas City installed by one of the finest plumbers in the industry.

Schedule Garbage Disposal Services in Kansas City

Whether you need garbage disposal repair services or are interested in installing a new system, give Lutz Plumbing, Inc. a call to schedule service in Kansas City and the surrounding area. Our plumbers have provided excellent service since 1920 and can help you with all of your plumbing needs.

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