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Automatic Shut–Off Valves

Automatic Shut–Off Valve Service Kansas City

Water is a basic necessity in our lives, and because of its necessity it is easy to forget just how destructive a force water can actually be. That is why it is so important that you take any measures possible to protect your home from water damage, especially that stemming from your own residential plumbing system. If you do not have an automatic shut-off valve already, we strongly recommend that you seriously consider the installation of such a device in your home. It can save you huge headaches and considerable expense down the line.

Of course, you’ll only enjoy the benefits of an automatic shut-off valve if you schedule your installation and maintenance services with trained, professional plumbers. Call our number to schedule the service that will do the job you need. The pros on our staff are more than happy to ensure that your home is protected from burst water pipes, so remember to make Lutz Plumbing, Inc. the company that you contact. We serve Shawnee, Overland Park, and the Kansas City metropolitan area.

What Is an Automatic Shut–Off Valve?

An automatic shut–off valve is a device that, as you’ve probably guessed, serves to automatically shut off the water in your home if and when trouble is detected. There are many different situations in which the use of an emergency shut–off valve can benefit homeowners greatly. First of all, frozen pipes in winter can lead to bursts, and components such as washing machine hoses may rupture. Old, corroded supply pipes may give out when you are away from your home, as well. The automatic shut–off valve will detect these issues, and stop water from flooding into your home, even if you are away. Not only does this help to prevent the immediate issue of water damage, but it helps you to avoid resulting humidity and mold issues as well.

We Can Install or Replace an Emergency Shut–Off Valve for You

You may be handy, but there are certain jobs around the house that require the skill and expertise only a professional can offer. The installation or replacement of an emergency shut–off valve is one good example. The installation method may vary, so you need to know that your valve is installed in as ideal a location as possible to provide you with maximum protection in your home. Our plumbers will evaluate your plumbing system and determine how best to integrate your shut–off valve. If you have an old emergency shut–off valve that needs to be replaced, we can handle that as well. Just give us a call to discuss your options.

Call Now for Automatic Shut–Off Valve Repairs and Maintenance

It will benefit you greatly to test your automatic shut–off valve from time to time. Routine maintenance is key for systems and devices that are not used very frequently, as you may only realize that such systems and components are compromised should they fail to activate when you need them most. Our plumbing maintenance professionals will take stock of your valve and make any necessary repairs to ensure that you won’t encounter issues with water damage due to burst water lines or malfunctioning appliances. Schedule your automatic shut–off valve services with a member of our team today.

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