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Sewer Lines

Sewer Lines in Kansas City

Your sewer line is the pipe that runs from your home to either the septic tank or the city sewer main. It is the single pipe through which all of your plumbing waste passes, which makes it pretty important for the health of the system. Sewer lines, like practically all new plumbing pipes manufactured in the last 20 years, are designed to last quite a while. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will. There are still issues that you need to be aware of regarding your sewer line, issues that are going to need professional services to remedy. Lutz Plumbing, Inc. installs, repairs, maintains, and replaces sewer lines throughout Kansas City. If you need sewer line services of any kind, call today for an appointment.

Signs That You Need Sewer Line Service

Obviously, any time you’re having new construction done, you’re going to need a sewer line installed. That is, as long as you want the building to have indoor plumbing. Far more common for us, however, are repair and maintenance services conducted on existing sewer lines.

All sorts of misfortune can befall a sewer line over the course of decades. Tree roots can grow into the line seeking fresh sources of water, which will both bore holes in the pipe and restrict the flow of water through it. Corrosion can open holes in the pipe, just like any other plumbing appliance. There are a couple of different ways to identify these issues.

First, keep an eye out for pools of disgusting water that may form in your front or back yard. When a sewer line springs a leak, the sewage will be forced up through the ground and start pooling. This is obviously a huge biohazard, so you want to call for repairs as soon as possible.

You should also watch for things like frequent plumbing clogs or backups, as they could be a sign that the sewer line is obstructed in some way. The longer you wait to call for repair services, the worse the blockage is likely to get and the more damage it will cause. So, make sure that you call for professional sewer line services as soon as you notice this.

We Provide Sewer Line Repairs & Service in Kansas City

The sewer line is a very important part of your home, though you doubtless don’t think about it very often. If you hire the right people to take care of your sewer line, you will hopefully have to think about it as little as possible. If you don’t take proper care of your sewer line, though, you could be in for all kinds of expensive, frustrating, and disgusting problems. That’s why you should find the best contractor you can to provide all of your sewer line services. Lutz Plumbing, Inc. offers comprehensive sewer line solutions, from installation to repair, maintenance, and replacement. No matter what your sewer line needs are, we can take care of them for you. So whether you need a sewer pipe repaired or a new one installed, let us make sure it’s done right. Call today for an appointment.