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Sewer Cleaning

Sewer Cleaning in Kansas City

Your sewer line is the pipe that extends from your home to the city sewer main, or to your septic tank if you use one of those instead. All waste that passes through your plumbing system will eventually leave your home through the sewer line. So, this is obviously a very important pipe. You don’t want this pipe to fall into disrepair, for all sorts of reasons that we’ll cover further down the page. One of the best ways to maintain your sewer system is by having sewer cleaning done. Lutz Plumbing, Inc. offers comprehensive sewer cleaning services throughout Kansas City If you need to schedule sewer cleaning services, call us today for an appointment.

Why You Need Sewer Cleaning

As mentioned above, neglecting to maintain your sewer system will lead to some pretty nasty problems. The biggest issue with sewer lines is the buildup of waste, which accumulates along the walls of the pipe. As the waste buildup gets closer and closer to the center of the pipe, the flow of water through it is restricted more and more. Eventually, the waste buildup will meet in the center and the pipe will become completely clogged. This will lead to a major back up of sewage into your plumbing system, potentially contaminating pipes and fixtures that are designed to only handle fresh water. Those pipes will present a biohazard until they can be flushed out, which is time and money that you probably don’t want to spend on an easily preventable problem.

Signs That You Should Call for Sewer Cleaning Services

There are a couple of ways that you can tell that your sewer line is in need of professional cleaning services. As a clog gets closer and closer to being completely formed, you may notice more and more backups happening in your home. They may subside over time, but the fact that they’re happening at all should be a warning sign that you need to call a professional.

You should also be aware of bad smells that may start to rise out of the drains in your home. As the sewage backup becomes more severe, sewer gas will be forced back up through the system in large amounts. This will cause them to vent out of your drains. If multiple drains in your home smell like an open sewer, you probably need to schedule sewer cleaning services right away.

We Offer Comprehensive Sewer Cleaning Services in Kansas City

There are a couple of different ways to clean out a sewer pipe, none of which should be attempted without professional training and equipment. We’re not exactly sure why a homeowner would ever want to mess with their sewer line instead of hiring a professional to do it, but in case it’s tempting let us reassure you that it’s not worth it. If you need sewer cleaning services, don’t try to do it yourself. Call Lutz Plumbing, Inc., and we’ll take care of everything for you. Our expert plumbers will make sure that your sewer line is restored to proper function as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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