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Drain and Sewer

Drain and Sewer Services in Kansas City

Your plumbing system is vital to making your home run smoothly, but it can’t do that on its own. A critical counterpart to the plumbing system is the drain and sewer system, which is responsible for properly disposing of the majority of waste that your home generates. The drain and sewer system is no slouch, working hard every day all year round to keep the rest of your home sanitary. That means that it needs quite a bit of professional help to cope with the resulting wear and tear. Lutz Plumbing, Inc. offers a full range of drain and sewer services throughout Kansas City. Call Lutz Plumbing, Inc. today to schedule drain and sewer services in Kansas City and the surrounding area.

Our Kansas City Drain & Sewer Services

We offer a wide range of drain and sewer services, including:

Drain Cleaning:
Drains tend to have waste build up on the walls of their pipes over time, eventually forming clogs that prevent the drain from functioning properly. You should have drain cleaning services scheduled at least once a year, in order to prevent that from becoming an issue. Call our plumbers today to schedule drain cleaning services in Kansas City and the surrounding area.
Hydro Jetting:
A relatively new kind of drain cleaning, hydro jetting involves firing a high–pressure blast of water down the drain pipe. Any and all waste that may be stuck to the pipe walls will be forcefully removed, ensuring that your drains are nice and clean.
Sewer Cleaning:
Sewer pipes are victim to the same kind of waste buildup that affects drain pipes, only in higher concentrations. A sewer line that is not properly cared for can cause all kinds of unpleasant issues for homeowners, which is why we offer a full range of sewer cleaning services.
Sewer Lines:
The sewer line is the pipe that extends from your home to the municipal sewer main, or the septic tank if that’s what you’re using. It’s imperative, both for your health and your peace of mind, that this line be properly maintained at all times. We can make sure that your sewer line stays in good shape.
Video Pipe Inspection:
One of the biggest issues with plumbing problems is how difficult they are to actually find. Most plumbing issues are not large enough to cause noticeable symptoms, or be detectable at all outside of physical examination. That’s why we use video pipe inspection to pinpoint the exact location of your plumbing problems, so that we can repair them as early as possible.

Call Us for Sewer & Drain Services in Kansas City

The drain and sewer system in your home is vital, but it’s also dealing with some pretty nasty stuff. You don’t want to be messing around with these systems without professional knowledge and equipment. At best, you may inadvertently lessen the efficiency of the system, and at worst you may end up with a biohazard that needs to be dealt with immediately. If you need drain and sewer services of any kind, you need to call Lutz Plumbing, Inc.. Our expert plumbers have many years of experience working with drain and sewer systems. We’ll make sure that your drain and sewer system is kept in good health. Call today to schedule drain and sewer services in Kansas City and the surrounding area.