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Commercial Water Heaters

Commercial Water Heaters in Kansas City

Are you considering a new water heater for your business here in Kansas City? Is the hot water heater at your restaurant, hotel, gym or café insufficient at best? The commercial water heater in your work environment must match the size of your space, as well as your budget. If you’re having any trouble at all with your commercial water heater, then it’s imperative that you get in touch with our team.

We specialize in all aspects of commercial water heater installation and replacement, as well as repair and maintenance. Our Master Plumbers are standing by, and ready to assist you. Call Lutz Plumbing, Inc. today or fill out our quick and easy form to schedule water heater service in Kansas City and the surrounding area! We’ve been Flowing Along Since 1920!

Deciding on a Water Heater Type for Your Business Needs

Make sure you give our plumbers a call early on in the process to ensure that you’re making the right decision when it comes to choosing a commercial hot water heater. If you’ve already done a bit of research, then you may have heard about your options.

We Service Tank Water Heaters

The tank water heater is the conventional system for most homeowners and businesses. It’s a large cylindrical tank that stores gallons upon gallons of hot water. It’s heated by natural gas, propane or electricity.

We Service Tankless Water Heaters

The tankless water heater is a much different system, but it’s not less effective provided that your setup matches your hot water requirements. Without a tank, this system can operate much more efficiently because it avoids what’s called standby energy loss. For this reason, a tankless water heater can be a great solution for commercial spaces. If you’re interested in learning more about tankless water heaters for your Kansas City, MO commercial space, call us for details!

Hire a Pro for Your Commercial Water Heater Installation in Kansas City

Picking a commercial water heater is one thing, but having it installed is quite another. We specialize in commercial water heaters, including all major makes and models. If you want the job done right, then it’s imperative that your new purchase be integrated seamlessly into your existing plumbing system.

We bring years and years of experience to every job that we do, and that includes everything to do with commercial hot water systems. We can customize a system to your exact requirements so that you don’t pay for what you don’t need, and that your customers or tenants or employees have all the hot water they require.

Call Us for Commercial Water Heater Services in Kansas City

Not everyone who calls us is looking for a new commercial water heater—we fully understand that. And in the event that your commercial water heater no longer functions as well as it typically does, or it has broken down completely, then give our team a call. Keep an eye out for strange noises and insufficient hot water as well.

The importance of routine maintenance can hardly be overstated. If you’re serious about having a reliable space for your employees to work, and your customers to visit, then taking care of your plumbing system on a routine basis is key. During our commercial water heater maintenance, our plumbers will flush out the sediment in your system to make sure that it runs properly. We service both tank and tankless water heaters for businesses throughout the Kansas City area!

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