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Commercial Plumbing

Commercial Plumbing Services in Kansas City

Running a business is no easy feat. You’ve got overhead to stay in front of every month, and, if you employ others, you’ve got to think about how they can help your business succeed. Whatever line of work you’re in, if you’ve got a commercial space, then it needs to have a decent plumbing system. Even if that means a simple sink and toilet in a small bathroom at the rear of your store, consider us your commercial plumbing contractors of choice in the Kansas City area.

There’s a reason why we say we’ve been Flowing Along Since 1920! For over 90 years, we have distinguished ourselves with exceptional customer service at a fair price. We employ Master Plumbers who have the expertise necessary to tackle difficult repairs and replacements, especially those that tend to arise in commercial spaces. You can count on our team for all of your new plumbing equipment installations and replacement needs. Call now to schedule an appointment with a commercial plumbing contractor at Lutz Plumbing, Inc..

Why Professional Commercial Plumbing Matters

Residential and commercial plumbing systems are similar, of course, but they’re not the same. For example, while a residential drain and sewer system only handles use by 2–4 family members on any given day, a commercial plumbing system will have to deal with hundreds, and perhaps even more than that. That requires commercial–grade equipment, of course, but it also requires professional care from the day the piping or sewer line was installed to routine maintenance.

Our Commercial Plumbing Installation, Repair and Maintenance Options

As a leading commercial plumbing service provider in this area, our goal is to be your go–to contractor year round. Tell us what we can do for you, and we’ll provide you with a solution. Here is just a handful of commercial plumbing services we have available:

Commercial hot water heaters.
It’s incredibly important that your space be outfitted with sufficient hot water. That’s all the more true if you’re in the food service or hospitality industries, where a lack of hot water can quickly lead to serious dissatisfaction and production delays.
Drain and sewer cleaning.
Large commercial drain and sewer systems may get clogged over time. If you find that yours does, or it stinks on your property and you don’t know why, then our drain and sewer cleaning service may be necessary. We also provide commercial garbage disposal repair and installation services throughout the Kansas City area.
Commercial plumbing repairs.
It’s absolutely essential that you have a name and number on hand in the event that anything goes wrong with your plumbing system. From replacing pipes and plumbed appliances that have broken down to leak detection, we’re here for you.
Commercial Hydro–Jetting Services
Keeping your drains clean is a very important part of maintaining the health of your commercial plumbing system. If the drains start backing up, it’s going to cause all kinds of unhygienic and costly problems down the road. That’s why we offer commercial hydro jetting services.
Backflow Prevention
Backflow is what happens when a sudden pressure change siphons contaminated water up into your building’s plumbing system. Aside from being gross, this problem often forces you to clean out your building’s plumbing before resuming normal use. Take advantage of our backflow prevention services, so you can have peace of mind.
Commercial Water Treatment
If you want to protect your building from the various harmful materials present in the water supply, call Lutz Plumbing, Inc.. We offer comprehensive water treatment services throughout Kansas City. We’ll be sure to find the perfect water treatment system to fit your unique situation, and keep your water as clean as possible.

From commercial plumbing installation and replacement to repair and maintenance, we’re the plumbers for the job in Kansas City. Call now to schedule a service in Kansas City and the surrounding area!

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