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Signs Your Water Line is in Trouble

Of all the various plumbing pipes that make up your plumbing system, your water line is the most important. The water line is the pipe responsible for transporting all water from your well or water main into the home. If the water line is having issues, your entire plumbing system is going to have issues. That’s why you need to make sure that your water line is in good shape. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that your water line needs repair.


Water lines tend to run under front or back yards before entering a home, which means if a problem develops in the line you’ll probably notice it in your yard first. If a leak develops in the water line, water will be forced up through the soil to form pools on the surface. If you have pools of water mysteriously forming in your front or back yard, especially if they appear to be growing, call a professional as soon as possible.

Loss of Water Pressure

Loss of water pressure is never a good sign. Oftentimes, it means that there’s a serious leak or blockage somewhere in the plumbing system. If the issue is limited to just one area of the home, then the source of the problem is probably not the water line. If the entire home is affected, though, then you might need to worry. Have a professional plumber examine your water line to make sure it’s running properly, if you notice a substantial drop in water pressure throughout the house.

Lutz Plumbing, Inc. provides a full range of water line services throughout Overland Park, MO. If you think your water line may need repairs of some kinds, call today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert plumbers. We’ll make sure your water line stays in top operating condition.

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