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Watch for These Water Heater Problems

Water heaters are solid systems, but they’re just as likely to develop problems as any other. As with other systems, it’s also important that you identify problems as early as possible. The faster your system can be repaired, the better off it will be. Make sure that you respond to problems quickly by getting to know the signs that your water heater is in trouble.


Leaks may start small, but they can cause serious problems the longer they are allowed to develop. In the case of tank water heaters, a leak in the tank lining may eventually widen into a full rupture. Leaks in the circulatory pump can prevent the system from properly distributing water. Make sure that you have a plumber examine any leaks in your water heater.

Drop in Output

Putting enough demand on the water heater will eventually exhaust its available supply. A drop in output that cannot be explained by demand, though, could indicate a deeper issue with the system. If your water heater seems to be having trouble keeping up with even moderate demand, it could indicate a problem with the system.

Cold Water

At the extreme end of the spectrum, complete failure to provide hot water is usually a good indication that something is wrong with your water heater. It could be the result of the pilot light going out, or sediment insulating the bottom of the tank. No matter the cause, you should have a professional look at it as quickly as possible.

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