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Why Pipe Inspection is a Good Idea

ruined-pipesThe plumbing issues that tend to cause the most damage are the ones that tend to sneak up on you, unfortunately. You might be able to catch warning signs of a problem with your plumbing in time to do something about it, but you probably wouldn’t be able to prevent all of the damage to the system. There are ways to mitigate damage more completely than simply waiting for a problem to present itself, of course. Read on to find out more about pipe inspection, and why you should be scheduling it at least once every year or two.

Pipe Inspection and Prevention of Issues

Most of your plumbing system is hidden from sight, which already makes it pretty difficult to spot things like corrosion or leaks. On top of that, issues like limescale formation and pinhole leaks are often only identifiable by secondary characteristics (visible deposits outside of the pipes, and visible water damage respectively). The only way to reliably catch these kinds of issues is to closely inspect the pipes, usually from the inside. Since you likely don’t have the professional training or equipment to do that yourself, the best way to do that is to schedule professional inspections!

Professional pipe inspections provide your plumber with the chance to isolate any developing issues in the plumbing system, and resolve them before they have the opportunity to cause any serious damage to it. Doing this consistently can cut down on the chances of a serious problem developing in your system by a pretty substantial amount. It’s not a guarantee, of course, but it’s about as close as you’re ever going to get.  This is why we recommend that you schedule professional maintenance for your plumbing system at least once every year or two. You’ll be much better off in the long run, both in terms of peace of mind and repair costs, if you schedule it consistently.

When to Schedule

Scheduling preventive inspection and maintenance procedures for your plumbing system is not the same as for your air conditioner or heater. Plumbing systems don’t have one season out of the year when they’re under more strain than any other time. For that reason, it’s not as important that you schedule it at a specific time. Just make sure that you schedule it consistently from year to year, and your system should do just fine.

Of course, your individual home’s needs might vary depending on the quality of your water and the area in which you live. We recommend that you have a technician evaluate your home in-person before you make any decisions about when exactly to schedule your maintenance.

Lutz Plumbing, Inc. provides a full range of plumbing services, including pipe inspection and maintenance. If you’re looking for the best plumber in Kansas City, MO, you’ve found us! Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional plumbers. We’ll make sure that your plumbing system stays in good shape for as long as possible.

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