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How to Tell if You Need Water Treatment

With the advance of city infrastructure, and specifically municipal water treatment systems, a lot of people take clean water for granted. Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on your city to provide your home with perfectly clean water at all times. Municipal water treatment is oftentimes effective, but it’s never going to be 100% effective. The best way to guarantee high water quality for your home is to install a separate water treatment system in your water line. If you’re not sure whether or not you need a water treatment system, keep an eye out for the signs below.

Lime Scale

Lime scale is a kind of mineral deposit formed by long-term exposure to hard water, which is just water with a high magnesium and calcium content. As the hard water flows through the pipes, it deposits small amounts of these minerals on the walls. Eventually these mineral deposits will grow large enough to start restricting the flow of water through the pipes. Lime scale is not a health threat to you, but it is a threat to the operation of your pipes. The best way to tell that you have lime scale in your plumbing system is to look for a white chalky substance around your faucets or in your shower. That’s lime scale, and if you have it in those areas you almost certainly have it in your pipes. Water softeners are the way to deal with lime scale, as they neutralize the minerals that make hard water what it is.

Odd Tastes

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that most people don’t like the taste of tap water. Fair enough, but there’s a difference between water that doesn’t taste all that fresh, and water that has a distinct flavor to it. If your water has a very strong flavor, it probably contains high levels of something that it shouldn’t. Strong metallic flavors are especially alarming, as they indicate the presence of metals like lead or copper. If your water is tasting especially strange, stop drinking it and call a plumber. This certainly can be a threat to your health, depending on what is in the water. So, don’t ignore it and call for water treatment if you suspect a problem.

Unusual Color

We shouldn’t have to tell you that tap water is not supposed be rainbow-colored. Color changes could be the result of a couple of different factors, depending on the color. Sometimes it’s not actually harmful, as if the water has a slight blue or green tint. However, even if it’s nothing to worry about you are going to want to have a plumber examine it anyway. If the water is orange or brown, do not drink it! Have a plumber take care of the system and recommend a water treatment solution for you.

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