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How to Make Your Garbage Disposal Last Longer

kitchen-sinkMost people take their garbage disposals for granted, and it can definitely seem like the system can handle anything. Unfortunately, that’s just not true. Garbage disposals are just as prone to breakdowns as anything else, which means that they will live shorter and more expensive lives if not properly cared for. Most people take decent care of their garbage disposals, but there are still some things that everyone should know about how to properly care for these systems.

Have a Plumber Check it Out Every Once in a While

You should be having your entire plumbing system professionally inspected every year or two, in order to head off problems before they have the chance to grow too large. Why not have your plumber check out your garbage disposal while they’re at it? Inspecting a disposal is a pretty quick process, and a small price to pay for locating any issues as early as possible.

Don’t Put Certain Things in the Disposal

Even though garbage disposals are designed primarily to get rid of food waste, there are still some cooking byproducts and such that it really should not be dealing with. One really common one that a lot of homeowners put down their disposals is FOG (fats, oils, and grease). All of these are commonly used in cooking, and are poured down the drain after use. The problem is that FOG congeals into a viscous, sticky substance as it cools. This causes it to stick to the walls of the disposal, and the disposal line as well. It’s better to freeze FOG and throw it away, instead.

Another common issue is putting ice, fruit pits, or any other really hard substance in the disposal. The system is strong, but is likely to chip its impeller blades if forced to deal with materials like that. Similarly, you should avoid putting fibrous substances like celery down the disposal. The fibers can tangle up the impeller blades and cause the system to break down.

Pour Some Vinegar Down It on Occasion

We don’t recommend using caustic materials like store bought drain cleaners, either in your kitchen sink or any other one in your home. However, if you want to clean out your disposal every once in a while, white vinegar does a great job of eating away any waste clinging to the walls of the system. It’s not a perfect solution, but it will help keep things running more smoothly. It can also neutralize some of the nastier odors that may arise after a while of not cleaning out the disposal.

If you’re looking for more tips on how to keep your garbage disposal as healthy as possible, we recommend that you consult with a professional plumber in person. They’ll know what’s best for your own unique situation, after all.

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