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Be Careful of these Water Line Problems

dripping-sinkSome plumbing problems like a dripping faucet or clogged toilet are relatively minor and can usually be remedied by the homeowner, while others can be disastrous. One of these potential disasters is a water line problem. No matter where you get your water, it’s delivered to you from a water line. If your water line develops a problem, it can potentially cause your entire plumbing system to falter. If you suspect that you’re having a problem with your water line, it’s important that you get immediate attention. If you need a fast and reliable plumber in Mission, KS, call our team here at Lutz Plumbing, Inc.

Signs You May Have a Water Line Issue

You might suspect that you have a water line issue, but what are the warning signs?

  • You have dirt or debris in your tap water
  • Water discoloration
  • You hear water moving through your home even when you’re not running water
  • You have mold
  • Paved parts of your home now have cracks
  • Your water pressure decreases
  • Your water bill increases
  • You have flooded, sinking portions of your lawn

What Causes Water Line Problems?

Poor Installation

It’s possible that your main water line has problems because of haphazard installation. If your water line was installed with substandard material or positioned incorrectly, it can cause major problems for your home’s water supply.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are often a problem for water lines. If a tree root finds its way into your water line, it’s common that it will continue to grow and spread throughout the line until it causes blockages. This is usually the cause of the issue when you’re experiencing low water pressure.

Rodent Damage

Here in Kansas, the presence of pocket gophers and moles often wreak havoc of homeowner’s yards and landscaping, but their presence can also extend to your water line. Line leaks often pop up due to the presence of rodents so keep an eye out for pests and take the necessary measures to prevent them from frequenting your home.

Shifting Soil

When professionals install water lines, technicians assume that the integrity of the soil won’t change much over time. If there is unforeseen erosion it may put pressure on your pipes and cause ruptures.

Old Age

Technicians build water lines to last, but they still all have an expiration date no matter the material used in the installation. After a certain point in its lifespan, a water line needs replacing. If you’re having serious issues, this might be the solution.

What to Do If You Have a Water Line Problem

If you have a water line problem, you need to act quickly. Don’t ignore water line problems, procrastination in this situation only worsens already serious issues. If your water line is damaged but still functioning, ignoring the issue can cause bursts or complete failure. It’s a wise idea to have a professional come out and assess your system rather than trying to alleviate the issue yourself. Plumbing technology has advanced to the point where a full replacement might not be necessary, often, a spot repair is enough depending on the nature of the issue.

If you need a plumber to fix your water line, contact our team at Lutz Plumbing, Inc.

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