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Why Is My Toilet Clogged and How Do I Unclog It?

Does this sound familiar? You finish your business in the bathroom, reach for the lever, flush, and the toilet starts to back up. Your toilet is clogged and you’re not sure how it got that way, it worked perfectly the last time you used it. Worse yet, you’re not sure how to fix it quickly so you don’t have a huge mess to clean up. You’re not alone; a clogged toilet is one of those household mishaps that has happened to just about everyone. Next time you find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance, don’t panic. A clogged toilet can be taken care of quite easily if you know what to do.


What Caused the Toilet to Clog?

There are a number of reasons your toilet may be clogged. The most likely cause is that there is a buildup of toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, wet wipes, or similar products in the drain. Although many times they’re labeled as flushable, these types of items cause more clogs than anything else. It’s also possible that a foreign object such as a toy dropped into the toilet by a child or pet. In either case, the material blocks the water flow, causing the toilet to back up.

Another cause for toilet clogging is a lack of sufficient water pressure. When you flush the toilet, it forces the water and waste material down the drain. If there isn’t enough pressure, solids will get stuck in the pipe. Over time, they’ll restrict the water flow, eventually blocking it off entirely. When this happens and you flush the toilet, the water has nowhere to go except back up where it came from.

How Can I Unclog My Toilet?

The fastest, easiest way to unclog a toilet is to use a toilet plunger. This is a plunge designed specifically for unclogging toilets. You can tell by the shape, as it’s got a narrow bottom hole and a cup that sits above it. Place the plunger in the toilet so it fits over the drain and the opening is inside. Press firmly down several times and remove the plunger. In most cases, the water will drain as it should and you can flush the toilet as normal.

If the plunger doesn’t work, add dish soap to the toilet bowl. The soap may act as a lubricant that helps the clogged material move through the pipe. If that doesn’t work, try pouring a bucket of hot tap water in the toilet from waist level. The force of the water should move the clog. If it’s still clogged, try pouring a cup of baking soda and 2 cups of vinegar into the bowl to help break up the clog.

What if None of Those Things Work?

If you’ve tried everything and your toilet is still clogged, the problem may be bigger than you can handle on your own. Perhaps the clog is larger than you suspect, or it’s deeper in the line than you can reach. The best thing to do in this case is to shut off the water at the base of the toilet. That way, you’ll avoid having any additional water added to the problem.

Your next step is to contact us at Lutz Plumbing to take care of the problem. We’re experts at finding and removing toilet clogs and we’ll get your bathroom back in working order, fast. We know that plumbing issues don’t always happen during normal business hours. In fact, they usually happen at the worst possible time. A clogged toilet can happen anytime and that’s why we’re available for emergency calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just call 913-888-9500 and we’ll send someone over right away.

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